As a testament to KDG’s absolute commitment to site safety, our firm has never incurred a loss-day injury. KDG has performed safety audits for clients with a wide range of operations, including water districts, power utilities, aviation, education and heavy industry. These audits compliment the Contractor’s Illness and Injury Prevention Plan (IIPP), identifying where procedures are not performing to their intended level and by recommending strategies to improve performance, regulatory compliance, and OSHA mandates.

KDG’s safety and risk management professionals can assist clients to:

  • Identify potential gaps in the safety performance; and
  • Recommend strategies for improving the performance of procedures and systems against safety and reliability targets.

KDG’s approach to the conduct of a safety audit includes consideration of:

  • The nature of the operation
  • Industry best practices
  • Appropriate regulatory requirements
  • Standards requirements
  • Requirements of the site and corporate Safety Management System