KDG Technologies

KDG Technologies provides the most accurate and actionable data available in todays market, in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods.

By combining the industry’s most advanced and reliable UAV aircraft, with precision sensors and software, KDG customers receive highly-detailed 3D engineering-ready reality meshes in a precise real-world context for design, construction, QA/QC, and operational decisions throughout the lifecycle of any project.

Project teams seamlessly share information for use in any engineering, construction, maintenance, operations or GIS workflow.

KDG provides precision, geo-referenced aerial photography, videography, data retrieval, and data processing for all industry types, with a particular focus on infrastructure inspections, building inspections, and land surveying.

Our mission is to enable leaders in Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Aviation, Power Generation and Emergency Response to get more value from the aerial imagery, drone data and overall project control efficiency.

KDG’s legacy of delivering premier Construction Management Services to a broad spectrum of clients is significantly enhanced by these emerging technologies. Our highly trained and qualified field inspection service staff are fully engaged in the data retrieval and evaluation process which provides our customers with the highest level of QA/QC oversight and reporting.

Core Values

  • Progressive Services Utilizing State-Of-The-Art Technologies
  • Comprehensive Safety Management System
  • Quality Data to Support Client-Driven Goals


  • Construction
    • Pre-construction Survey
    • Site Monitoring/Utilization
    • Stockpile Volumetric Analysis
    • Construction Progress
    • Inspection
    • Post-construction Survey
    • As-Built Development
  • Transportation
    • Railway Track Alignments
    • Highway Integrity
    • Bridge Inspection
    • Runway/Taxiway Inspection
  • Utilities
    • Power Lines/Towers
    • Pipeline Integrity/Leaks
    • Tank Farm Monitoring/Analysis
  • Agriculture/Livestock
    • Crop Health/Monitoring
    • Animal Counts
  • Emergency Management
    • Baseline Mapping
    • Risk Assessment
    • Remediation Verification
    • Restoration Verification