Coordination and Logistics Management at LAX


Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is currently undertaking a multi-billion dollar Capital Improvement Program at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The airport’s modernization program consists of more than 20 individual projects and is considered to be the largest public works program in the history of City of Los Angeles. Effective utility coordination is imperative to ensure minimal disruption to operations at LAX, which is ranked as the world’s sixth busiest airport.

The LAWA Utility Coordination procedure facilitates effective organization of utility and area shutdown as well as inspection activities as a result of construction throughout the LAX campus. The process ensures communication among LAWA, LAWA’s Airport Development Group, LAWA’s Construction Inspection Division, construction project teams, contractors, tenants and other project stakeholders.

Project Details

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Client: Los Angeles World Airports

Project Cost: $15 million

Project Responsibilities

Utility Coordination

Area Shutdown Coordination

Inspection Services

Technical Services

KDG’s Responsibilities

KDG provides ongoing support to LAWA’s utility coordination efforts at LAX. KDG’s staff of engineers and technicians supports the utility request and field assessments during construction.  KDG is responsible for scheduling area and utility shutdowns and continually updating the utility shutdown requests log database for all projects within the Central Terminal Area (CTA), Bradley West Terminal, Central Utility Plant (CUP), and the airfield.  KDG office engineers provide enforcement of all procedures and protocols for the transfer of information between project stakeholders.  KDG is also responsible for developing and maintaining Utility Shutdown policies, and ensures that utility shutdowns are proceeding according to schedule and investigates causes of delays.  KDG also provides an inspection team to document field conditions.