Clear project controls provide the owner with current information regarding schedule, budgets, expenditures, and change orders in an integrated cost and schedule information system.

The master schedule of the Project Controls System (PCS) enables critical activities and interrelationships between the contractors, suppliers, client, Project Manager, design engineers, utility companies, and construction manager (including its subcontractors) to be monitored efficiently during the construction phase of the project. The master schedule identifies permit constraints, work area restrictions and other known work and/or coordination constraints.

The cost-monitoring element of the PCS enable project-wide monitoring of expenditures for comparison with the original budgets and budget updates resulting from change orders processed during the life of the project. Monthly reporting will enable accurate cost forecasting at any time. The automation of information will enable timely analysis, intervention, and decision making to enable efficient control of the project.

A Project Controls Manager develops and implements project controls system for each project.

The Scheduler assumes the following tasks:

  • Develops a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the implementation of the project that will be used in managing cost, schedule, scope and resources.
  • Provides current information regarding critical and near critical activities, milestones, progress and outstanding issues affecting the schedule.
  • Review and evaluate various cost estimates related to construction, operations and maintenance of the project to ensure they conform to established guidelines and accurately reflect all project related costs. This may include development of independent cost estimates for construction contract change orders to be used as the basis for negotiation.
  • Develops and maintains a contingency management and tracking system.
  • Prepares monthly project and contract status reports outlining the progress, cost, schedule, and status of QC/QA process, issue resolution and other aspects of the project or contract, and advises CM staff on any necessary corrective actions relative to these aspects of the project.

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