The right people for the job.

For every challenge humans have encountered there has always been a group of people to solve it, and today that is no different. Humans pro-vide the solutions to the greatest challenges that we face as a society and in our day-to-day work. At KDG we know that our job is connecting the right people for the right job. We have a proven approach to delivering staffing resources to deliver successful projects.

As a consultant, KDG has a proven approach to delivering all the necessary staffing resources required to deliver your projects successfully. Our resource management plan means we work with you from the beginning to identify and make available the most experienced, knowledgeable, qualified staff to execute your projects. Our onboarding process is customized for each client and we partner with each new project staff member by guiding them through all administrative procedures, from safety orientation to computer acquisition, client rules and regulations, general project orientation, and project-specific items to properly orient them.

But this is just the beginning.

When we say people are the solution, we mean it. We know that the success of a team and a project hinge on the individual personalities who are put together to complete the task. This is where the magic happens. It isn’t just about selecting the best qualified team members; it is about selecting the best fit for the team that is already in place.

Approach to Project Staffing

KDG has a proven approach to providing the staffing resources required to deliver projects successfully. Our resource management plan has us working with our clients from day one to identify and make available the most experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified team who will mesh with your organization.

Some of the many benefits of our process include the standardization of the onboarding process, fewer administrative distractions for the existing projects, and a direct point of accountability for ensuring new staff members are integrated with the client’s team as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Once the project is up and running, we conduct regular staff evaluation and feedback sessions to gauge performance and to identify corrective action plans or advancement opportunities within the project team.

By using this well-defined process, clients gain a reliable, readily available staff who complement the existing organizational structure. This approach provides clients with experienced key personnel with conforming resumes, based on an informed and logical review of the projects with the managers and the known preferences.

Diversity is a core value of the Team, and we apply our commitment to diversity on all our projects. Our Team is comprised of a diverse workforce. We foster mutual respect among our employees and strive to create teams that are reflective of the environment in which they work.

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