The majority of our work as construction managers and owner’s representatives requires that we oversee and manage the work of contractors, and we understand the general contracting approach. Our ability to manage contractors stem from our collaborative approach and established communication protocols. We meet with our contractors every morning before work begins, and provide the contractors various ways to communicate with us–letting them know that it is OK to call or text anytime. We are proactive about inspecting the contractor’s work, and help ensure that progress payments are made promptly.

A Customer First, Pro-Active Approach

We are a customer first, responsive organization that believes we are an extension of our clients’ organizations. With that in mind, we work hard to integrate within your organization both from a personnel level and a technological level. Our expert staff can deliver a system to you (such as document controls or scheduling), or we can work within the system you are currently using. Conversely, we can also work directly with your team to establish systems that work specifically for your organization. At all levels, we work directly with your organization to build consensus, engage teamwork, and drive the project to hit the milestones.

Collaborative Project Teams

It all starts with the team having clear and common goals in order to establish a relationship of trust and confidence necessary for delivering a successful project. This requires all team members recognize the value of continual communications and responsiveness. Our team is dedicated to:

  • Productive relationships
  • Confidence and trust between team members
  • Responsive communication

To achieve these broad objectives, it is important that key members work to establish communication protocols and procedures. Our approach is to be engaged in your project from day one through project closeout. We do this to ensure that we can provide input and guarantee a smooth transition between all phases of your project.