KDG has served as the owner’s representative for public and investor-owned utilities over the last 20 years. We provide construction management services for utility projects to support Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Corporate Facilities, Renewable Energy Sources, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Below are brief descriptions of the services KDG provides to public and investor-owned utility owners.

Project Management

KDG works with utility project managers to identify the core requirements and exclusions that fall inside and outside of project’s scope. To manage the project, KDG conducts regular coordination meetings with project managers and stakeholders to discuss scope, design progress, permitting, budgets, procurement activities, construction progress, field conditions, schedule, budget, cash flow projections, environmental compliance, and job safety.

Construction Inspection/ Quality Assurance

KDG provides qualified construction inspectors to monitor contractor performance through field observations, shop inspections and material testing. KDG construction inspectors complete standardized daily journals to document field activities. KDG supervisors review the daily journals to ensure consistency of documentation and inspection procedures.


KDG’s project controls team develops project budgets that identify and track cost categories such as: Land Acquisition; Design and Engineering; Plan Check Fees and Permits; Construction Costs; Consultants Fees; Testing Laboratories; and other identifiable costs. As the project progresses, KDG refines the project budgets with actual and updated cost data.


KDG prepares master schedules for each project that includes phases for planning, design, procurement, construction, and close out. KDG incorporates key project milestones into the master schedule and updates summary activities and progress that will drive a project towards milestone dates.  To support the construction phase, KDG reviews the contractor’s baseline schedule and monitors the monthly updated schedule to measure performance against the baseline. As change order requests are evaluated, KDG proactively performs time impact analysis on the proposed changes to develop plans to minimize schedule slippage.

Contract Management and Document Control

KDG manages change order process with tools such as Oracle Contract Manager and Meridian Prolog to record all project records. KDG’s project controls team utilizes these tools to track submittals and ensure that a timely response is communicated to all project stakeholders.


KDG coordinates with the contractor, equipment vendors and owner’s facilities team during the start-up and commissioning phase. KDG reviews the contractor’s pre-commissioning checklist and procedures to ensure conformance with contract specifications.