Logistics Planning – Before, During, and After

The importance of safety on construction projects can’t be understated. Safety as all Construction Managers know, is dependent on developing site logistics work plans prior to the start of construction activities.

A key component is to use situational awareness and institutional knowledge of projects to safely coordinate the work. It is important to phase documents, traffic control plans and site surveys/investigations and utilize them to look ahead, communicate, and coordinate the work with key stakeholders and the Contractor.

KDG develops site logistics work plans in collaboration with key project stakeholders. Once the logistic plan is developed, they are vetted with the Contractor before being published and shared.

Construction is a dynamic environment, so through-out the construction process logistic plans need to be revised to reflect the most current working conditions.

Site logistics plans help us map and clearly layout the work areas, barricade requirements, material and equipment laydown areas, path of travel, security access points, construction emergency muster areas and contingency plans in the event issues arise in the field, which they often do.

However, when done correctly, a logistic plan will minimize impacts to construction while ensuring that the entire team is able to safely mitigate the work on roadways, facilities, and infrastructure.