Southern California Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America honors local firm for work on Long Beach Airport.

Los Angeles, CA. – July 19, 2022 – KDG Construction Consulting (KDG), a leading provider of construction management services for major public infrastructure projects, was recognized for their valuable work to the Southern California transportation industry.

KDG submitted the Long Beach Airport (LGB) Taxiway E Improvement Project pursuant to the CMAA Southern California Chapter’s Project Achievement Award Program for projects under $10M. The award recognized the trifecta of success between the Owner, Contractor and Construction Manager working together to deliver this project. The achievement of this project stemmed from KDG’s ability to collaborate with all parties, manage expectations, communicate proactively and responsively, and keep all stakeholders engaged and informed throughout the project. Fostering partnering, team building and collaboration enabled the Contractor to provide world class quality work expected for airfield capital improvement projects, while being as efficient as possible and limiting the impacts to airfield operations, surrounding tenants and key stakeholders inside of an active airfield.

“KDG is an enthusiastic participant in LGB’s development and has been honored to deliver successful projects in the recent past. Our relationship with LGB is one embedded in our commitment to engage our stakeholders early in the construction process,” says Laura DV Smets, Vice President – Client Development for KDG. “This enables us to provide oversight and coordination from a known perspective, serving as their ‘eyes and ears.’ By working closely, listening and partnering with the public agencies we serve, we will continue to facilitate the successful delivery of projects.”

The foundation of any successful endeavor is exceptional people. KDG brings together people and processes in streamlined partnerships to deliver effective projects. Knowledge, commitment, integrity, honesty and flexibility are at the core of KDG’s stakeholder engagement. The construction of the new Taxiway E was an example of teamwork and collaboration at every step of the construction process. KDG’s focus at Long Beach Airport was to lead a team of people who understand the fundamental principle of client-centered practice. The KDG Team had a personal commitment to KDG values which include: exceptional performance, commitment to clients, one team attitude, as well as trust and integrity.

A mainstay of a successful, people-based approach is collaboration. KDG understands the complexities of providing construction management services on an airfield project at an active airport. Airport projects demand the highest standards of safety, reliability and efficiency, which can only be achieved through a dedicated approach to working together. It is imperative to implement optimized procedures and technologies and a close connection to all stakeholders. The successful completion of this complex Taxiway E Project exemplified the core principles and best practices of KDG’s construction management process.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our Team who worked so diligently on the Long Beach Airport Taxiway E Improvement Project,” says Lydia Kennard, President and CEO of KDG. “We have garnered a reputation for being proactive and flexible in our approach to addressing client needs. Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to provide the best resources and knowledge to minimize all project’s risks including scope, schedule, budget, and safety.”

This successful work at the Long Beach Airport on Taxiway E will be followed up with Long Beach Airport’s engagement of KDG for the upcoming Runway 12-30 Electrical Improvements Project and the Taxilane K Reconstruction and Construct Taxilane U projects. Both projects are designed to maintain and improve airfield operational safety and capacity at LGB.

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