KDG operates as both a prime consultant and a sub consultant to other lead firms. We have developed a keen, firsthand understanding of the unique demands of each role. We greatly value the relationships we have built over the years, whether operating as a project lead working directly with owners, or as a subconsultant supporting the efforts of other firms on major construction projects.

Why Choose KDG

KDG offers a comprehensive suite of services – from project initiation, planning, and construction through closeout and claims support – each of our services is targeted to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Three key factors differentiate KDG in the construction management and program management field.

• KDG is a tightly-focused firm – KDG concentrates exclusively on construction and program management and solely operates only in specific industry sectors (utilities, aviation and transportation), where we have developed an in-depth level of expertise.
• KDG delivers deep technical expertise to clients in key industry sectors – KDG employs the top talent in the industry and leverages their collective experience to deliver superior results to our clients. Consequently, KDG has enjoyed strong repeat business from our clients.
• KDG provides an exceptional level of personal service – Our firm takes a very hands-on approach to each project.  Our principals and senior staff work closely with every client and are actively involved in each project.