Everyone wants to meet their project milestones and finish their projects on time. Tightly controlled schedule management and realistic goals make it possible to meet your deadlines.

We develop a complete project schedule that represents the time allotted for the design and construction phases of the project and continually monitor the status of each activity to ensure its timely completion. The schedule will denote critical path, milestones and approvals, and the project controls manager will review the preliminary project schedule and confirm that the activities and durations are consistent with the current project requirements.

As required, project controls manager modifies the schedule to verify:

  • Accuracy of Project Completion Date

The scheduler develops CPM schedules to ensure that project completion dates are feasible based on the resources and project constraints. The estimated completion date will be important for project managers to conduct feasibility studies and financial planning.

  • Construction Progress

The scheduler compares the actual schedule and cost information with the baseline schedule to detect and correct any deviation and prepare progress payments. The scheduler will work with the project manager and inspectors to verify completion of work prior to approval of payment requests.

  • Cash flow calculations

Project Managers approve progress payments to the contractors and other parties during the life of the project. The schedulers analyze and verify schedule updates to ensure project managers can properly forecast payments and minimize payment delays.

  • Evaluate Change Order Requests

The scheduler performs time impact analysis on potential change orders to help project managers assess the change order request to ensure it is fair and reasonable.

  • Ensure Proper Planning by the Contractor

The scheduler reviews the contractor’s baseline schedule to ensure it is accurate and realistic. Scheduling professionals provide comments and recommendations to limit liability prior to acceptance of the contractor’s schedule.

  • Verify delay claims

Project Managers analyze and verify the contractor’s schedule to dispute delay claims initiated by contractors.