Brittany Storozinski, CAPM

Director of Operations and Business Development

Brittany Storozinski has over seven years of experience in contract management for aviation, water and power, wastewater and transportation markets. She is proficient in project start up, subconsultant management, accounts receivable, data analysis and projections and provides operational support, communications and contract administration. Her areas of expertise include report and budget development, data analysis, cost estimation and contract administration. Ms. Storozinski has been recognized for her collaborative work ethic, strong communication skills and demonstrated proficiency managing client budgets and contract documents.

Additionally, Ms. Storozinski coordinates and manages corporate resources to achieve business development goals and optimize business workflows. She works closely with senior management to meet company objectives across all platforms and divisions. A main focus is reviewing, developing, and implementing, operational policies and procedures to ensure the project team is highly adaptable, efficient, and effective.